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In 1953, Emlak Konut, the deep-rooted brand of the construction industry, started its journey of success. The corporate vision was decided to build environmentally conscious modern cities that add comfort to human life. With this purpose, it became the architect of many innovative practices in the industry.Emlak Konut delivered many projects leaving a good example and traces for planned urbanization in our country. It built the most innovative neighborhoods of its era with projects so large that even their surroundings were named after them. This stable growth brought up a significant milestone as well. In 2002, Emlak Konut turned into a real estate investment company. This transformation was the herald for the giant projects, barnburners and becoming an even bigger company. After establishing the real estate investment company, initiated 144 new projects that would have an overall effect on the world, embody environmentally conscious technologies and add value to cities. The number of units built and tendered since 2003 has reached 131.000 

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Bizim Mahalle

Start From $216,000 / 50% DP - 120 Months
  • 1 Br
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  • 70 m2