Listing Services

Real estate information on the Internet is very crucial and available for investors. In today’s world, investors can access and view all publicly available listing information on the Web site of their project developers of choice. Listing Services are private databases created, maintained, and managed by marketing companies like ListingTurkey to create a bridge between project developers and international investors. All ListingTurkey services are supplied to the public free of charge by the developers listed in the system.

What is ListingTurkey marketing platform?

Unlike traditional real estate consulting and realtor firms, ListingTurkey is committed to providing up-to-date, accurate listing services in Turkey subsidized by developers. As ListingTurkey, we are bringing to gather international investors with the Turkish real estate developers.

What is the listing fee?

Listing, or insertion fee, ListingTurkey charges from project developers to list their properties on ListingTurkey platform.

The listing fee depends on the value of a product seller intends to offer on the platform – the higher the price of products, the higher the listing fee will be.

What is the commission fee?

By definition, Commission fees are deducted from your sale proceeds at closing. Therefore, when you work with an x% commission company, you will pay your agent an x% listing fee. In ListingTurkey, we have a 0% commission policy that we do not charge you any commission. That is also the same reason how we can guarantee our investors the best price in the market.

ListingTurkey Project Assessment Criteria:

Our goal is to list top developments in Istanbul rapidly that meet our criteria and are compliant with international and our standards. As a marketing-based listing service, we have always taken a deliberate approach to add new developments to our platform.

ListingTurkey is an international platform that opens projects to new horizons and is a trusted partner for investors. We constantly strictly evaluate a project that meets specific criteria before listing it.

That is why every project in our portfolio delivers a certain level of quality and trust for the following criteria;

  • Developers financial
  • The legal status of the project
  • Project zone assessment
  • Market analysis
  • Construction calendar
  • Material Quality
  • Location
  • Proximity to the main roads and junctions
  • Access to Public Transportation
  • Investment Value

For more information about our services, get in touch with our expert consultants.