Buyukyali Istanbul Homes

Start From $1,224,000 / Cash


Buyukyali Istanbul Homes offers a “good life” experience every moment of every day, with all your needs readily available.

It brings together shops where the world fashion heart beats, a joyous shopping experience, culture and arts spaces, movie theaters and concert halls and social life on its streets surrounded by restored historical buildings that bring the centuries-old urban texture and experience into the present. The Organic Market features everything fresh, within walking distance. Büyükyalı offers a warm neighborhood life by the sea with its bakery, florist, bookstore, fishmonger and other shops that serve you everything you need with superior quality.

In Buyukyali Istanbul Homes, the sea is becoming a part of everyday life, far beyond being just scenery. Rising as a seaside neighborhood, Buyukyali Residences is accompanied by every shade of blue, an oxygen-filled sea air, the fresh seaside smell, charming sunset and unique sea views. Thanks to the bridge connecting Büyükyalı directly to the Bosporus, the sea and 30-kilometer uninterrupted coastline can be reached in only a few steps. The coastline offers a pleasant living area, from jogging and hiking trails to cycling routes, from resting places to sports areas, and parks that are intertwined with the sea. Buyukyali Istanbul Homes offers residents all the advantages of living in a seaside neighborhood.

The rich and exclusive “Concierge Services” perfectly fulfills every need of Büyükyalı residents. From dry cleaning and making reservations at the most exclusive restaurants in different countries to organizing concert tickets, international travel, private invitations, and business meetings; from renting airplanes, yachts, helicopters, classic cars and limousines to sending gifts or flowers; from nanny, carer, and personal trainer services to temporary office rentals, everything that comes to mind can come true with just a telephone call. “Concierge Services” make life easier and stand out as an exclusive privilege for Buyukyali Istanbul Homes residents. Another service exclusive for Buyukyali Residences is “Doorman Services.” The “Doorman” service adds value to residents’ lives by operating at their convenience, welcoming residents and their guests at the door, helping them carry their belongings, organizing taxis for them, and offering solutions for their every need.

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Floor Plans

2+1 - $1,224,000

  • Size: 113 sqm
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Price: $1,224,000

2+1 - $1,224,000

3+1 - $1,434,000

4+1 - $2,161,000


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