Versus Dragos

The VERSUS DRAGOS Project is a city block between Işıl Street - Kerim Street and Yemeni Street on Tekel Avenue, Kartal, Istanbul. Designed exclusively as a housing estate, the project consists of 2 blocks. Block A includes 2 basements + G + 25 floors and Block B includes 2 basements + G + 26 floors. Block A’s elevation from sea level is 88,76 m, and Block B’s elevation from sea level is 89,92 m. The project includes 227 apartments, including 111 in Block A and 116 in Block B. The parking area needed by the housings is designed at 1:1.
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Merkez Hayat Residence Logo

Merkez Hayat Residence

AFFORDABLE PRICE AND HIGH PROFIT ON INVESTMENT Your new home’s door opens to profit. The subway is almost completed and right at your door, shopping venues and socializing areas you can access with an elevator, another shopping center right across your home. As well as the Sultanbeyli Central Bazaar and a university that will comprise a 400-bed hospital all transform your new house into a source of income at the same time. The gate of your new home is under 24-hour protection. Using the 24-hour security at the block entrances, parking lot and bazaar, your new home’s gate is under protection against all kinds of threats. Your new home’s door opens to the highway and subway. Located at the center of the link roads of the district’s transportation network, where you can easily reach  Anatolia and Europe, your new home’s gate opens to the city center through the metro station right in front of your door. The door of your new home opens to the bazaar. You don’t need to wander the street searching for popular brands to renew your wardrobe and meet your needs under the bazaar on the ground floor of your home. The gate of your new home opens to the bazaar where you can find what you are looking for. Your new home’s gate opens to cafes and restaurants. Owing to the cafes and restaurants located on the ground floor of your house, you do not need to go far to have pleasant conversations with your loved ones or to reach the restaurants where you can taste world delicacies. The door of your new home opens to a cafe and restaurants where you can spend time with pleasure. The door of your new home opens to your children’s playground. Owing to the playgrounds below your home, your children will not grow up with computers and tablets, but with games helping their physical and mental development.  The door of your new home opens to comfort. By means f its architecture designed to make all rooms feel large and spacious albeit, in different sizes, the door of your new home opens to comfort, having sunlight enter into every room.
Listing Turkey - Uplife Kadikoy Logo

Uplife Kadikoy


Inspired by La Rambla in Barcelona, it is almost sure that Prestige Street will compete with Bağdat Street once it is completed as it is planned.


Huge shopping malls, which will cover the most valuable commercial areas of Fikirtepe, funicular and tram, whose construction is at full speed for ring shuttles, are only two steps away from Prestige street, where Uplife is coming to life.


Uplife Kadıköy was designed with inspiration from the future lines with the most innovative and extraordinary viewpoints of today. Its 4 towers, three of which are 23 storied and one of which is 22 storied, brought together the modernism of the past and technological dream power of the future with its futuristic proximity and minimalist attitude. As a result, Uplife Kadıköy is an impressive combination of architectural creativity and perfection from all aspects.


Uplife is rising in Kadıköy Fikirtepe, one of the most valuable locations of Istanbul, with its 4 towers, each of which is more glamorous than the other, on a vast area of 16 decares, whose 40% is green areas. It invites you to a new Uplife legend with 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 flat options rich social sites whose every detail is well-articulated. Uplife Kadıköy is not only an engineering wonder; it is also an extremely dynamic and colorful living center with its delicately planned details.

While you enjoy the best moments in the cafes and restaurants inside the site, it also presents very joyful moments with its proximity to the moıst energetic points of the city and the colorful shopping world of Kadıköy.

Right beside E5, Uplife Kadıköy comes to life in a few moment’s distance from the metro, Metrobus, Marmaray and sea transport. The recently opened Eurasia Tunnel, which connects Asia and Europe continents through road from undersea for the first time, is almost beside your house as a fast and modern transportation means. You will reach every point of Istanbul quickly and easily while you are living here.

Listing Istanbul 216 Logo

Istanbul 216

Istanbul 216 project consists of 553 independent sections in an indoor area of ​​88,500 square meters. The project is being carried out within the scope of Turkey's first planned urban transformation project. In addition, the developer of the project has completed 240 thousand square meters of housing and 60 thousand square meters of commercial area. Furthermore, it has completed the construction and sales processes of many worthwhile projects with a total closed area of ​​300 thousand square meters in Adana and Istanbul. These projects such as Altın Kule, Altın Kule, Adana Meridyen, Cumbalı Konaklar were realized. Baysaş, the construction company established 21 years ago to become a corporate, reliable and prestigious company, is proud of the years of success it has achieved by achieving these goals. He is delighted not to undertake anything that he cannot do or to fulfill his strength and reputation in the construction industry, to make all kinds of production flawlessly and flawlessly in every project, to give importance to winning as much as to win without being completely happy. The company, which is aware of its debt to principles such as Baysaş İnşaat, which provides after-sales service at European standards, is proud of being among the first with its success in the sector. Istanbul 216 is an impressive combination of an A-Class project, technology, quality materials and workmanship. Located within the planned modern world, which is being completely reconstructed at the heart of Kadıköy and an essential point of the E-5 highway, the central vein of business trade and finance transportation of the Anatolian side, and which is doubtlessly at the best location of this world, Istanbul 216 has become indispensable for earning enthusiasts with its premium increase that has been realized so far, and that will be realized in the future. It will continue to be vital for them henceforward.
Listing - Asfor Kartal Logo

Asfor Kartal


Avva Yapı’s Asfor Kartal project, which has a high return on investment, consists of 77 apartments and a 1200 m2 commercial area in a single block in Istanbul/Kartal. Asfor Kartal project, which has an area of 3,000 square meters, has 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1 apartment types. The rising value of İstanbul with its unique view is in Asfor Kartal


It is possible to live in Asfor Kartal with the scenery of Sea of Marmara in the exact location of real İstanbul. We have not sacrificed our aesthetic line that makes your life easier by creating both modern and functional areas. Thus, we have made it easy to use while appealing to your visual pleasure. Everything you are looking for in Asfor Kartal is so close that you will no longer have to run around in your already fast-paced life. You will have the comfort of reaching the exclusive restaurants from shopping without ever tiring.


We designed our Asfor Kartal project to have a clear height of 3 meters between the floor and the ceiling. To renew your soul and body... To relieve the stress of the day, you can just press your elevator button and reduce the fatigue of the day in the sauna and swimming pool without driving for miles...


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