Apartments For Sale Maltepe

Apartments For Sale Maltepe

Apartments For Sale Maltepe – we present here in this category the variety of real estate investment options in Maltepe - the Asian Side of Istanbul. All the developers in this category are well known and have a proven reputation and strong financial stability.Maltepe is a busy shopping district with some big supermarkets, branches of pastry shops and all the other modern amenities. In addition to these, Maltepe has many cinemas, fast-food places, and kebab houses. And there is the sea shore, where there are cafes and some bars and cafes with live music. Public transportation in Maltepe is generally provided by Metro, Marmaray, buses and minibusses.Apartments For Sale Maltepe offers unique options with high-quality residential housing options, thanks to constant demand from local buyers in the area.

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Luna Dragos

Start From $266,500 / 50%DP - 18Months
  • 1 Br
  • 1 Ba
  • 56 m2