Versus Dragos

Start From $476,000 / Cash


The VERSUS DRAGOS Project is a city block between Işıl Street – Kerim Street and Yemeni Street on Tekel Avenue, Kartal, Istanbul. 

Designed exclusively as a housing estate, the project consists of 2 blocks. Block A includes 2 basements + G + 25 floors and Block B includes 2 basements + G + 26 floors. Block A’s elevation from sea level is 88,76 m, and Block B’s elevation from sea level is 89,92 m. The project includes 227 apartments, including 111 in Block A and 116 in Block B. The parking area needed by the housings is designed at 1:1.

“If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul,” said Lamartine. From past to present, it’s been stealing the hearts of all who’ve seen it.

It’s a two-stanza poem that whoever listens to it will never forget.

Its fancies are as magnificent as the Bosporus, it locks into the maiden’s tower whatever it wants to forget, and it unfolds all its dreams in Çamlıca….

Imagine you see a new vision on the horizon each time you look at it… Imagine you’re surrounded by dreams on all your sides. It’s this kind of a feeling to live in Versus Dragos’ fascinating scenery of the

Princes’ Islands. A new life that makes you dream at any moment, offering perfection as far as the eye can see…

Each dream deserves a chance. Sometimes, life becomes such that even dreams are overshadowed by it. Consisting of a total of 227 apartments and creating a difference by its unique location, complete social facilities and numerous privileges, Versus Dragos enables you to live a much better life.

The Most Perfect State of Life Everyone wants to live their life perfectly. Dreams are always founded on perfection. Just like in Versus Dragos. Are you ready to live

this perfection with its modern architectural structure, unique location, matchless scenery, lush landscapes and numerous other features?

It’s easy to dream. What’s more important is to actualize it. Versus Dragos is the actualized state of dreams. Making a difference in life with its modern architecture, Versus Dragos enables you to experience your dreams as in your dreams.

Life is beautiful with each different color

Life is beautiful with each different color of it. Sometimes blue, sometimes white, and occasionally green… Versus Dragos makes you live your life with all its colors. It offers the naturalness of green with its botanical garden and camellia. It also brings the peace of blue with its matchless vista of the Princes’ Islands. All you need to do is to live in whatever color you like.

Love is the secret formula of the most indescribable delights. Life will only have a taste if it involves love. Versus Dragos offers you the taste of an epic life with the touches, it contributes to each moment of life.

Everyone has a story in life. Versus Dragos reserves the most beautiful side of life for you to write your story. By creating a difference with its architecture, Versus Dragos looks forward to making you experience this memorable tale in your home, where you’ll feel the privilege in each detail.

Your blue dreams come to the surface. As fun moments await you in the unique Versus Dragos swimming pool, you’re surrounded by intense blue fantasies. Then, as you swim to health, your smile never ends.

That wonderful moment

It’s a never-ending passion coming from the past. It’s irreplaceable. When you lay down on the central massage platform, you’ll feel like born again. The authentic Turkish bath in Versus Dragos looks forward to giving you these unparalleled feelings.

Remember that moment. That wonderful moment you were alone with your passions. Be prepared to experience an experience in Versus Dragos, where you’ll get lost in tranquillity and peace and feel rejuvenation.

This is where you’re happy. If there is nothing like your passion for sports, the complete sports hall of Versus Dragos is waiting for you. Anyone in the desire of relieving the stress after an intense day takes  action in Versus Dragos.

Who doesn’t want to live comfortably in safety? The 24/7 security system of Versus Dragos will bring safety and comfort to your life, along with its parking garage that offers a parking space for each apartment. You’re always safe in Versus Dragos.

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  • Property ID 8095
  • Price Start From $476,000 / Cash
  • Property Type
  • Property Status
  • Rooms 2
  • Bedrooms 1
  • Size 154 m2

Floor Plans

2+1 - $476,000

  • Size: 154 sqm
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Price: $476,000

2+1 - $476,000

3+1 - $784,000


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