Listing Turkey - Investment Guide Beyoglu

Listing Property Investment Guide – Beyoglu

Listing Turkey Property Guide – Beyoglu

Listing Property Guide – Beyoglu, we will cover all the things you should know before buying property in the most famous district of Istanbul, Beyoglu. 

Apartment For Sale Beyoglu
Apartment For Sale Beyoglu

Being from Beyoğlu

Since the 15th century, Beyoğlu has been the place where the most active and quality life in the history of Istanbul took place. Beyoğlu Mahallesi is a multicultural living space rarely seen globally, combining this historical face with its cultural heritage and commercial life.

Beyoglu district, where the most beautiful examples of art are located, has the most popular entertainment venues and iconic brands of Istanbul, making it one of the most beautiful places to be preferred for life. Moreover, it is a structure pioneer in trade and banking and maintains its importance for the district and the city today.

Besides its dozens of prominent features, the most crucial feature of Beyoğlu is that it has been a privilege for people to live in Beyoğlu from history to the present. The only part that makes Beyoğlu Beyoğlu is its people. The definition of Beyoğlu would be incomplete without the contributions of its inhabitants to social life. In the formation of its structure adorned with different cultures and civilizations, it is the love of those living in Beyoğlu as well as those living today. As a Beyoğlu resident and, most importantly, a fan, he defines himself as “A Beyoğlu Classic”; It is a privilege to be worthy of Atlas Passage, Tramway, Taksim Chocolate, Galatasaray High School and the most beautiful Golden Horn. Historical and touristic, vital cultural centers, consulates, and many more are located in Beyoğlu. Here you can find a specially prepared illustrated version of the other essential places for Beyoğlu.

Listing Turkey - Investment Guide Beyoglu 2
Listing Turkey – Investment Guide Beyoglu 2

History of Beyoglu

There are various rumors about the emergence of the name Beyoğlu. According to one; The name Beyoğlu comes from the fact that one of the Pontus princes, Alexios Komnenos, accepted Islam and settled here during the reign of Mehmed the Conqueror. According to the second; The resident here is not the Pontus prince, but Luigi Giritti, son of Andre Giritti, the Venetian ambassador in Kanuni. This man, whom the Turks call “The Gentleman’s Son,” was born from the ambassador’s marriage to a Greek woman. The mansion he lives in is also in a place near Taksim. According to another; Since the Venetian ambassador, who lived here during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, was called Beyoğlu in correspondence, this district was also named Beyoğlu.

It was gradually forgotten after the name Pera was removed from official correspondence in 1925. But, on the other hand, the name Beyoğlu became more substantial and widespread in the sense of the region.


Where is Beyoglu?

Today, Beyoğlu district is a settlement consisting of 45 neighborhoods and a settled population of approximately 225 thousand. Due to being a business, entertainment, and cultural center, the district’s population reaches several million people day and night. According to some, Beyoğlu is the region stretching from Karaköy to Taksim. Some say it consists of a section extending from Tünel Square to Taksim.

Today, in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul; It covers the area bordering Şişli and Beşiktaş districts, between the west of Kasımpaşa valley to the north of the Golden Horn and the Dolmabahçe (Gazhane) valley. However, the name Beyoğlu is used for Istiklal Street and its surroundings, one of the city’s most important cultural, entertainment and business centers, and connects Galatasaray to Taksim Square.


Listing Turkey - Map of Beyoglu
Listing Turkey – Map of Beyoglu

Main Residential Areas of Beyoglu Property Guide:

  • Neighbourhoods
    • Arapcami
    • Asmalı Mescit
    • Bedrettin
    • Bereketzade
    • Bostan
    • Bülbül
    • Camiikebir
    • Cihangir
    • Çatma Mescit
    • Çukur
    • Emekyemez
    • Evliya Çelebi
    • Fetihtepe
    • Firuzağa
    • Gümüşsuyu
    • Hacıahmet
    • Hacımimi
    • Halıcıoğlu
    • Hüseyinağa
    • İstiklal
    • Kadımehmet Efendi
    • Kalyoncu Kulluğu
    • Kamer Hatun
    • Kaptanpaşa
    • Katip Mustafa Çelebi
    • Keçecipiri
    • Kemankeş Karamustafapaşa
    • Kılıçalipaşa
    • Kocatepe
    • Kulaksız
    • Kuloğlu
    • Küçükpiyale
    • Müeyyetzade
    • Ömeravni
    • Örnektepe
    • Piripaşa
    • Piyalepaşa
    • Pürtelaş Hasan Efendi
    • Sururi Mehmet Efendi
    • Sütlüce
    • Şahkulu
    • Şehitmuhtar
    • Tomtom
    • Yahya Kâhya
    • Yenişehir


Beyoglu District

Beyoglu is one of the most popular districts of Istanbul, famous for its lively atmosphere, Galata Tower, Istiklal Street, Taksim Square and cultural activities. With its traces of the European architecture of 100 years, Beyoglu and around is worth visiting and seeing for the Istanbul visitors. Taksim, Karakoy, Galata & Tophane are the most popular tourists zone and neighborhoods of Beyoglu.

  • Districts
    • Ayaspaşa
    • Azapkapı
    • Çıksalın
    • Çukurcuma
    • Dolapdere
    • Fındıklı
    • Galata
    • Galatasaray
    • Hacıhüsrev
    • Hasköy
    • Kabataş
    • Karaköy
    • Kasımpaşa
    • Kuledibi
    • Şişhane
    • Taksim
    • Talimhane
    • Tarlabaşı
    • Tepebaşı
    • Tophane
    • Tünel



Property Prices in Beyoglu


In the Beyoglu housing market, house prices for sale increased by 3.5 percent in the last month. While the average residential square meter prices in the Beyoğlu district were 6,883 TL, the payback period was calculated as 13 years.
Accordingly, in the 2021 real estate index and regional report, the average price of a 100 square meter house purchased in Beyoğlu was between 516,233 TL and 860,400 TL.

Listing Turkey - Investment Guide Sales Prices
Listing Turkey – Investment Guide Sales Prices


Investment Guide Sales Prices
Investment Guide Sales Prices



Istanbul Beyoglu Average Depreciation Period 13 Years.

Finally, the average square meter unit price of apartments for sale in Istanbul Beyoglu is 4 thousand 291 TL as of December 2021. The amortization period of flats for sale with similar features is around 13 years.

Listing Turkey – Reasons to invest in Beyoglu Property Guide


  1. Proximity to the heart of the city
  2. Cultural and touristic hub with old heritage
  3. Next to hospitals, universities, mosques, public transportations
  4. High short term rental income


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