Yasam Marina

Yaşam Marina is a residential project built in Beylikdüzü, the rising value of the European Side of Istanbul. The new life center, where you can easily become a homeowner by choosing the payment plan that suits you, comes to life in Yakuplu. A new one has been added to Beylikdüzü housing projects. A new life, where you can enjoy Istanbul with sea view apartment options, is rising here. By examining the prices of the housing project, you can choose the apartment that suits you. There are 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 housing alternatives in the project, which includes 320 flats. If you want to get away from the busyness of Istanbul and enjoy life in your sea view homes, hurry up! Owner of Simple and Peaceful Houses: Yaşam Marina Beylikdüzü! A new life project is starting in Yakuplu, the favorite district of Beylikdüzü. In the project, which will include 320 apartments as well as 40 commercial units, there are all the details that will make your life easier. Beylikdüzü, the rapidly rising region of Istanbul, continues to change and renew its face day by day with new housing projects. The future is rising right next to you with the distinguished educational institutions and the transportation networks around it! Beylikdüzü, which has recently hosted residential projects with a view due to its proximity to the sea, is among the alternatives preferred by investors and housing seekers. Beylikdüzü, which is preferred for both investment and residential purposes, continues to add value to its value day by day with the opportunities it has around. With Yaşam Marina, you can own a new residence or make a prospective investment for investment purposes. You will get away from the busy life of Istanbul with peaceful living spaces that bring a sea view to your home.
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