Seba Nest Kagithane

Seba experience invites you to a brand new life where you will listen to the heartbeats of Istanbul. Rising in the new life center of the city, Seba Nest Kagithane offers an entirely different Istanbul experience thanks to its location and facilities. With Seba Nest Kagithane, the happiness of beautifying your life with the excitement of a new home and making a suitable investment is reflected in your entire life. Combining quality and elegance, Seba Nest Kagithane invites you to explore. The project has 70 flats in two blocks which are 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1 apartments. Units in the project are custom built with years of Seba experience to suit their day-to-day lifestyle offering the latest green living. Seba Nest Kagithane is the correct address for those who miss the neighborhood culture. With its self-sufficient infrastructure, health, and education facilities, a privileged life away from the stress of the city, is waiting for you here in the city.
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