Istova Kule

Istova Tower, which will allow you to be in the center of Istanbul, will introduce you to the privileged world of Istanbul, with the advantages of being close to street shops, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, business centers and the Bosphorus line.

As a family, for years, always with a smile...

When you list the values ​​in your life, we are sure that your family is at the top. We have designed a safe, peaceful and comfortable living space to protect your values. Happiness at Istova Kule is a fascinating process that you can spend time with as a family and spread over large periods of time…

There is care in every detail, finesse in every corner...

Spending time in your new home will make you very happy. Comfort, spaciousness, a perfect ambiance that makes you feel the pleasure of life at every moment... Your life pleasure grows even more in the living room of your home.

The most efficient way of working at home

If you are one of those who do your work at home, you will observe for yourself how much your study room contributes to your work efficiency. Just imagine, the pleasant hours you spend in a spacious and useful room and the success that follows... We wish you profitable business in your room in Istova
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