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Yamac Yapi, led by the visionary Haydar YAMAÇ, seamlessly combines over 40 years of industry expertise with the dynamic energy of its young team. In doing so, it breathes new life into the construction sector with a portfolio of short and medium-term projects meticulously designed to enhance the quality of life in Istanbul's most prestigious neighborhoods.Our Pillars of Success:Craftsmanship Excellence: At Yamac Yapi, we hold quality as our utmost priority. Every project undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure that we not only construct buildings but also create havens for families and individuals.Innovative Spirit: Innovation is the driving force behind our projects. We continuously push the boundaries of design and construction, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices to deliver contemporary, environmentally conscious living spaces.Customer-Centric Approach: Clients are the nucleus of our endeavors. Yamac Yapi places great importance on listening to their needs, transforming their aspirations into reality, and ensuring their satisfaction at every stage of the project journey.

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Istova Green

Start From $280,000 / 50%DP - 6Months
  • 1 Br
  • 1 Ba
  • 80 m2