Inmari Marmara

Greets you with a brand new project on one of the most special shores of the Marmara sea, in beylikdüzü: in Marmara. For the chosen ones, who always want to see the sea in front of him/her, Who adopt it as a lifestyle, and who are "Pointed at" by the day, night and life...


Cheer up your windows opening to the most healing breeze* of Marmara with the flashes of the day and the sea sparkles of the night. In Inmari Marmara, the view is always at your window, Istanbul is right next to you. And life is even more exclusive than your dreams, more yours than ever, and only for you! ... *For hundreds of years, this region has been a preferred place for respiratory diseases. With the spring months, asthma and bronchitis patients and patients with shortness of breath would come to the villages of Beylikdüzü, known as Traketya, Gardan and Anarşa, where air breezes are intense.
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