Four Winds Residence

In Four Winds, every day starts with a unique Istanbul view from the Prince Islands to the historical peninsula. Starting from the Prince Islands and touching Çamlıca Hill through Kalamış Marina, a unique visual feast, from historic Istanbul to the beaches of Yeşilköy along with 360 degrees Istanbul view is waiting for you at Four Winds. With lush gardens, Four Winds has also the characteristics of being the first in Turkey. Built on 44-dunam land, a large part of Four Winds consists of green areas. That is to say, a living space, only 7% of which consists of buildings and 93% of which is covered with greens is waiting for the privileged families to live in Four Winds. Your new neighbors in Four Winds are the natural and green. The green areas offered by Four Winds for its residents are not limited to its own land only. There are many parks and green areas around Four Winds. Without moving away from Baghdad Avenue, the parks with the best green areas where you can take your children ready, meet with nature from Freedom Park to Göztepe 60th Year Park; Kalamış Park to Yoğurtçu Park. And the coastline where you can have sea air is just a few steps away. EXCLUSIVE LIFE Started a new residence era in Istanbul thanks to its interior architecture, design value and the quality of life offered therewith, Four Winds Residence offers the ideal life to the residents of the project thanks to personal services and the landscape architecture that evokes the texture of nature at the heart of Baghdad Avenue. Four Winds Project, in which ultimate applications and a deluxe life is implemented in the facade and details of interior architecture, incorporates all pearls of smart building technology. The freedom to open the windows on all floors and have fun at the balcony attracts attention as one of the most charming elements of the project. Saloons with sea and city view, rooms, each of which is individually a living quarter, dressing rooms to facilitate the life, kitchens offered with different decoration alternatives come to the forefront as top-level architectural details of the projects. The interior design of the residences offers living spaces that are so elegant and warm as to host special invitations and have fun as a whole family. In the project, there are 520 flats in total in 4 blocks with 44 floors each and 8 types of flats are available between 87m2 and 1050 m2. The prices vary based on the flats, directions and sizes of the buildings. Ready for life with TAŞYAPI assurance, Four Winds doesn't only attract attention as it is at the heart of the city but it is also located in the most distinguished place of the city. Four Winds comes to the forefront because it is at the heart of entertainment, shopping, culture and art. Four Winds Project where perfection in architecture is captured consists of 4 building blocks which is located in 44 dunams of land, 41 dunam of which is green area. With wide green areas, it offers you a life in the city center nested with nature. It enables to experience the quality stemming from long years of experience thanks to interior architecture, design superiority and the quality of life it offers. Everything is thought for the needs of the residents of Four Winds. Watch the best view of Istanbul from Four Winds. Any detail to reflect the luxurious lifestyle is incorporated in the project where perfectionism is aimed, Istanbul…A unique city. Containing the lines of West and the soul of the east in itself, it is a golden city thanks to brilliant lights, historical artifacts and the structures to keep pace with modern times. Four Winds is in Baghdad Avenue at the heart of Istanbul …
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