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Tasyapi Construction

Initially founded in 1979 and started its corporate activities in 1985, Tasyapi Construction has become one of the most important construction brands in Turkey in infrastructure and superstructure contract projects, mainly in luxurious dwelling production. Having reached an annual turnover of 1 billion dollars in infrastructure and superstructure projects; Tasyapi Construction comes to the forefront with its investments, especially in residences, dwellings, buildings, workplaces, culture centers, sports centers, health centers, touristic complexes, highways, junctions, tunnels, pipelines, sewage and water systems and energy. The company has a portfolio including 9.000 luxurious residences and a 1.000.000 m2 superstructure project at home; and it has reached a business volume in the amount of 950 million dollars in Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Libya abroad.

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