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With over 40 years of unwavering commitment to trust, quality, and innovation, Siltas Yapi stands as a beacon of excellence in the Turkish real estate landscape. Founded in 2011, our journey has been dedicated to crafting human-centered living spaces that redefine modern living.Putting People First:At Siltas Yapi, we believe that every project should start with people at its core. Our human-centric approach is reflected in every facet of our work, from meticulous planning to visionary development. Our completed projects are living proof of this commitment, while our upcoming ventures continue to embrace this vision.Adding Value to the City:Our mission is simple yet profound: to create "buildings that add value to the city." We take pride in our ability to enhance urban landscapes, offering innovative solutions to contemporary living needs. Each Siltas Yapi project is a testament to this mission, contributing positively to the fabric of our cities.

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For Sale

Siltas Korupark

Start From $524,000 / %50 DP - 6 Months
  • 3 Br
  • 1 Ba
  • 160 m2
For Sale

Siltas Comfort

Start From $324,000 / 50%DP - 6Months
  • 2 Br
  • 1 Ba
  • 99 m2