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Kiler Family gained extensive experience in construction operations initiated with real estate development and construction services required by its group companies and particularly in key matters such as determining the right locations in Turkey, land and property acquisition, store rentals, projects, decorations and management of the permission procedures for developing a store network and putting into service as one of the most important elements of the retailing business. Construction operations have been taken beyond the requirements of the group upon founding Biskon Yapi and they have been converted into professional construction operations. So far, 150,000 square meter construction and more than 170 stores have been completed throughout Turkey including fine works, electrical, mechanical, heating, lighting installations and infrastructure works and the stores have been developed as turnkey projects. The experience gained by Kiler Group with supermarket store construction and refurbishment works also meant great experience in specifications sought in rental commercial real estate properties and the relevant needs and this experience has been used for market and shopping centre investments. In addition, housing projects have been developed at various locations for different income groups. Kiler Group proved its success in real estate development area, too, by completing the construction of Istanbul Sapphire Residence and Shopping Mall that is the highest (261m), the most challenging and elite project of Turkey and the West Europe representing the ultimate point achieved in real estate investment and development area, accommodating many ground breaking, state-of-the-art innovations in architecture and engineering. Kiler REIC carries out successful projects and achieves successful results with its vast experience in all stages of the investment and development operations in different real estate property categories including locating and acquiring the right lands, designing favourable living spaces through optimal utilization analysis, project funding, public improvements, obtaining construction and occupancy permits, control of the building operations and management of the sales, marketing and renting operations. In addition to the development operations, the company provides property management and portfolio management services addressed at end users and manages the visitor traffic, occupancy rates and maximization of the sale and rent revenues upon realization of the projects. Project development process involves right analysis of the expectations and demands of the end-users that is followed by locating the right land and determining the investment opportunities, financing and project design as well as construction management. Building opportunities are carried out in accordance with the investment performance criteria such as the recommended project scale, type and combination, development conditions, social and economic indicators, development program, financing costs, sale and renting values and rate, portfolio balance and income performance. In case the results are deemed acceptable by the investor company, a comprehensive feasibility analysis is carried out. The Company assesses each investment opportunity in details in consideration of the detailed and required analysis and appraisals based on the feasibility surveys and reports and all of the prospective new investments are subject to the approval of the Investment Committee and decision of the Board of Directors.

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