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Making a difference with the quality-oriented original business models it has developed, Babacan Holding has been serving all its stakeholders and the society on the basis of trust and sustainability since 2002 with its innovative integrated solutions in the sector in which it operates. Babacan Holding operates in the fields of land valuation and purchase, project design, production, sales and marketing, urban transformation, leasing and management, tourism, geothermal energy and logistics. Opinion To be the leading brand that creates contemporary and quality living spaces for a sustainable future. To carry our brand to the top in the tourism, geothermal energy and logistics sectors. Mission As a stable and reliable organization in the fields we operate; To contribute to all our stakeholders and our country with innovative practices that prioritize social values ​​and respect nature and the environment. We value dynamism, innovation and creativity in all our business processes. Being aware of the importance of taking strength and lessons from the past on the way to the future, we attach importance to having familial and spiritual values ​​connected to national values. We believe that the key to success is efficient, disciplined and planned work. our values Above all, we value our dignity and self-respect. Business ethics principles form the basis of our business life. Our management approach is based on respect for people. We believe that we all have the right to have a say and to be informed on any issue that concerns us. We adopt quality as a way of life. We aim for the highest quality in everything we do and every service we provide. The customer is the focus of our understanding of quality. We carry the spirit of pioneering entrepreneurship, open to the world and change. It is our deep-rooted tradition to bring innovations to all our fields of activity. As a result of the respect we have for the society and the environment, we continue our tradition of providing services in all areas of social life. Our most important capital is our human resources. Our organizational structure; Our goal in the field of human resources is to create people who are open to change, productive and in line with corporate values, to continuously develop these people in line with the culture of excellence, and to be an organization that all our employees can be proud of. about.

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