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24 Gayrimenkul, Develops “city projects” which add value to the city and are evaluated with the city; those are not only building complexes on the main streets and central transportation axes of İstanbul. Those projects are designed to be lucrative investment projects in the center.Project development decision is taken only after an approved study of the existing and future values of the project’s location by the experts. Thus, the value of each developed property increases exponentially due to the fictionalization from the beginning of this dynamic interaction.The sales of each developed project in line with this vision are completed before the handover; in that way, a significant part of the project’s profit is shared with the investors who purchased at advantageous prices.24 Gayrimenkul is a company in Istanbul with its expert team powered from a 1500 sqm head office at Mall Of Istanbul. It works to develop new projects with a unique spectacular architecture design, which will be a valuable and indispensable part of Istanbul.

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