Elite Concept

Producing projects that bring aesthetics to urban architecture and add value to life

With the mission of leaving sustainable structures to future generations, Şua İnşaat has built thousands of dwellings and commercial units with its deep-rooted history, solid financial design, the principle of premium quality, innovative architectural style and environment-friendly approach. Since 1992, Şua İnşaat has caught attention with its projects that bring aesthetics to urban architecture and add value to life. To date, the company has implemented a number of new generation projects including Elite City, Elite Side, Elite Residence, Elite Life and Elite Concept. Şua İnşaat puts the human being into its focus and takes a precious decision at each step. The company has constructed thousands of dwellings and commercial units with its deep-rooted history, strong financial structure, the principle of high-quality, innovative architectural style and environment-friendly approach. Since its foundation, Şua İnşaat has never compromised on its principles of leadership, entrepreneurship, reliability, stability and teamwork and has attached great importance to high customer satisfaction and social responsibility. Aiming to pioneer the architectural, social and financial development of the regions where it has implemented its projects, Şua İnşaat continues to develop high value-added projects with the mission of leaving sustainable structures to future generations. The company integrates cutting-edge architectural techniques and building products to the knowledge and experience it has gained in the light of its deep-rooted history and it constructs structures that contribute to social welfare and happiness. Şua İnşaat puts the human being into its focus in every operational process. It plans and produces its projects carefully in conformity with the laws, regulations and technical specifications. Keeping in mind that Turkey is situated in an earthquake zone, Şua İnşaat takes robustness and sustainability to the foreground for the buildings it constructs. In this parallel, the company realizes projects including social facilities and green areas, without compromising on aesthetics and quality, so that people can live in safety and peace. Şua İnşaat gains a cost advantage by supplying most of the materials it uses in its projects from Boğaziçi Yapı, a subsidiary of Şua Group of Companies. It constructs unique and premium quality structures using special design products that are suitable for the concept of the project they belong to.
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Listing Istanbul 216 Logo

Istanbul 216

Istanbul 216 project consists of 553 independent sections in an indoor area of ​​88,500 square meters. The project is being carried out within the scope of Turkey's first planned urban transformation project. In addition, the developer of the project has completed 240 thousand square meters of housing and 60 thousand square meters of commercial area. Furthermore, it has completed the construction and sales processes of many worthwhile projects with a total closed area of ​​300 thousand square meters in Adana and Istanbul. These projects such as Altın Kule, Altın Kule, Adana Meridyen, Cumbalı Konaklar were realized. Baysaş, the construction company established 21 years ago to become a corporate, reliable and prestigious company, is proud of the years of success it has achieved by achieving these goals. He is delighted not to undertake anything that he cannot do or to fulfill his strength and reputation in the construction industry, to make all kinds of production flawlessly and flawlessly in every project, to give importance to winning as much as to win without being completely happy. The company, which is aware of its debt to principles such as Baysaş İnşaat, which provides after-sales service at European standards, is proud of being among the first with its success in the sector. Istanbul 216 is an impressive combination of an A-Class project, technology, quality materials and workmanship. Located within the planned modern world, which is being completely reconstructed at the heart of Kadıköy and an essential point of the E-5 highway, the central vein of business trade and finance transportation of the Anatolian side, and which is doubtlessly at the best location of this world, Istanbul 216 has become indispensable for earning enthusiasts with its premium increase that has been realized so far, and that will be realized in the future. It will continue to be vital for them henceforward.
Listing - Asfor Kartal Logo

Asfor Kartal


Avva Yapı’s Asfor Kartal project, which has a high return on investment, consists of 77 apartments and a 1200 m2 commercial area in a single block in Istanbul/Kartal. Asfor Kartal project, which has an area of 3,000 square meters, has 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1 apartment types. The rising value of İstanbul with its unique view is in Asfor Kartal


It is possible to live in Asfor Kartal with the scenery of Sea of Marmara in the exact location of real İstanbul. We have not sacrificed our aesthetic line that makes your life easier by creating both modern and functional areas. Thus, we have made it easy to use while appealing to your visual pleasure. Everything you are looking for in Asfor Kartal is so close that you will no longer have to run around in your already fast-paced life. You will have the comfort of reaching the exclusive restaurants from shopping without ever tiring.


We designed our Asfor Kartal project to have a clear height of 3 meters between the floor and the ceiling. To renew your soul and body... To relieve the stress of the day, you can just press your elevator button and reduce the fatigue of the day in the sauna and swimming pool without driving for miles...
Listing Turkey Cuento Plus Logo

Cuento Plus


You can put yourself at the center at Cuento Plus. The center of what, you might say. The center, economy, business life, shopping, transportation, and naturally, life. Moreover, a life so calm that it does not compromise its peace, away from the city's hectic life, and where traffic is never an issue awaits you despite being in the center of Istanbul. YDK YAPI has been conducting business in construction for 10 years. Although we are not even an "old" construction company, we come with more than 25 years of experience in construction and construction management. YDK YAPI is a general contracting company specializing in commercial, retail, & residential. Our mission is to provide the best quality, super-effective delivery and consistent knowledge of the construction industry's innovative and technical aspects. We are committed to serving our clients with the highest level of professionalism and integrity while maintaining our position as a quality-conscious, resourceful and stable developer. Cuento Istanbul, which will add great convenience to life with its proximity to all centers for vital needs, from shopping malls to educational institutions, hospitals to cinemas, offers high-income opportunities. Thanks to Cuente Istanbul's unique location, it meets all the expectations of its investors. The Project is next to the Financial Center, one of Turkey's rising investment and living regions and the world. In Cuento Plus's construction plan, we have 30 floors. 3 floors are reserved for Car Parking, and 1 is reserved for amenities. The rest of the floors are for residential purposes and have 167 apartments of various layouts and sizes such as 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1. Inside the Project, all kinds of social facilities are available for everyone, such as a Turkish bath, Sauna, basketball court, Swimming pool and recreational area.  
Listing Turkey Evin Park Logo

Evinpark Kadikoy

Sefa Construction was established in 1977 as a family company, and since its founding, it has invested in real estate in many parts of the country today. Our company, which mainly produces luxury residences in decent neighborhoods with the build-and-sell methods, has made and continues to make private construction contracts and business centers. Our company deals with the requirements of rapidly changing technology and the socio-cultural environment with the most innovative original styles and designs. We contribute to healthy urban transformation with contemporary structures; it is a branded construction company with professional management.  Fast organizational structure and experienced technical staff are crucial for our organization. Evinpark Kadikoy, which deals with every commitment with a different excitement and quality horizon, is always focused on pursuing the better. Being aware of its responsibilities as a construction company, our firm attaches importance to the standardization at the work level with its functionality, robustness, and aesthetics. Furthermore, our company aims at seamless, secure and profitable relationships with all its customers and business partners with honesty, customer satisfaction, continuity, innovation and superior quality.


EvinPark project is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, Kadıköy-Fikirtepe, one of Istanbul's most prestigious Asian districts. Fikirtepe is a reconstruction neighborhood where residential buildings and infrastructure constructions help raise the value of the community every year. The Evinpark project is a ready-made project. It spreads over 8,274 m2 and has 3 blocks with a height of 7-24 floors.


LAND AREA: 8.274 M²

HOUSE TYPES:  1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1

RANGE OF AREA IN SQUARE METER:   77,74 M² – 366,83 M²



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