Avrupa Konutları Saklivadi

The new project to be implemented in Ayazağa Cendere Valley will be offered for sale under the name Avrupa Konutları Saklıvadi. Details of the project will be announced in the coming days. Operating in the construction sector for more than 40 years, Artaş İnşaat continues its investments without slowing down. Having left its mark on the Ayazağa Cendere Valley with its Vadistanbul project, Artaş İnşaat took action to implement another new project in this region. The new project, which is expected to be adjacent to Vadistanbul, was named "European Houses Saklıvadi". Details of the new project have not yet been announced. Sales continue in Avrupa Konutları Çamlıvadi, which Artaş İnşaat implemented in the same region.
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