Alya 4 Mevsim

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The Alya 4 Mevsim project, built by Boss4 Gayrimenkul, consists of 217 apartments and 6 shops from a total of 4 blocks, A, B, C, D Blocks, in an area of 39.695 m2. A-B blocks are designed as 15 floors as 3 basements, ground floor and 11 floors. C-D blocks are designed as 13 floors as 1 basement, ground floor and 11 floors. Our project, which is qualified with the understanding of adding value to your living space, offers 1+2 ,1+1 and 1+3 apartment types for your search for a property. There are 700 m2 of landscape and social areas in Alya 4 Mevsim, where social facilities are privileged in your living space and indoor and outdoor areas. The project, which includes a -157car indoor parking lot, provides an experience beyond your highest expectations.

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