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Taking every step with the principle of reaching for the best through its journey of 46 years, the driving forces behind the success of Sinpas Group, have been its innovative vision, reliability and originality. Sinpas Group, with 28 companies and more than 3,000 employees in Real-Estate Development, Industry, Service, Finance and Energy sectors, has pioneered these sectors and initiated many developments. Operating in many countries around the globe from Germany to Georgia, Saudi Arabia to Oman, Sinpas Holding has reached today to a size of exporting 80 countries in total, worldwide. Realizing 52% of its export volume with Europe and 42% with Asian countries, Sinpas Group portrays its global vision most powerfully by cooperating with many countries in different continents from North America to South America, Africa to Australia. As one of Turkey's most established construction and real estate companies with its 40 years of experience, Sinpaş Holding is active the commercial property management and leasing field with Mülk Real Estate Investment and Management Inc.., founded in 2005 within its structure.

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