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Established in 1974, Mutlu Insaat, contributed to urban modernization attempts in the construction sector since its establishment. The company serves for urban transformation vision of Turkey in all projects it carried out. Mutlu Insaat succeeded in several superstructure and substructure projects of private persons and organizations together with public institutions since 1988. The company managed to be a reliable, growing and institutionalized company in the same period acting in accordance with the unconditional customer satisfaction principle.Mutlu İnşaat performed its whole projects using its own resources. Carrying out its activities with a team of 37 persons in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate in its headquarter in İstanbul-Bahçelievler. Thanks to its trained, skilled and experienced staff, Mutlu İnşaat proved its quality over and over again. Also proved its reliability with its superior construction techniques and qualifications applied in living spaces it vitalizes. The company is planning to transfer such quality and trust beyond borders in near future. Many superstructure and substructure projects are scheduled to be implemented abroad. The biggest aim of Mutlu İnşaat is to provide people with safe living spaces. Where people can enjoy living and be happy no matter where they are.

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Palm Marin

Start From $513,000 / 50%DP - 12 Months
  • 4 Br
  • 1 Ba
  • 184 m2