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Bakırcı Yapı, which took its first step into the construction sector in 1981, has gained the trust of thousands of families it has hosted in line with the principles of quality production, pre-and post-sales unconditional customer satisfaction for more than 30 years. Bakırcı Yapı, which adopts the principle of respect for people and nature; As a member of the SAĞLAM GROUP OF COMPANIES, which also has a say in the health, informatics, food and maritime sectors, it continues to work with confidence and belief. Working with the principle of perfection at every stage of production and service in all the projects it has signed, Bakırcı Yapı is always working to offer the best to everyone who is confident and believes in himself, with confidence of working with professionals and its strong management team. and service to people. It is your primary right to secure yourself, your investment and your future. As Bakırcı Yapı, which sees your values ​​as a whole with its own values, we offer you services with the privilege of preference and trust. With the confidence of working with professionals, a strong management team and an understanding of service to people, we are constantly working to give better to everyone who trusts and believes in him.

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