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With its experience spanning half a century in the international arena and 25 years in Turkey, Akzirve brings new life to the real estate industry with its innovative projects. Its endless trust in Turkey’s future enhances the size of its investments and projects and its commitment to collaborating only with the best. Thus, it inspires and energizes the industry. Designing projects with high international demand and adhering to international standards in construction, Akzirve is proud to offer Turkey only the best. Akzirve began its operation and investments in Turkey 25 years ago in the real estate and construction industries. Establishing its first plant in Antalya in 2000 to manufacture and trade marble acquired from its quarries, the Company has had significant success in exports. Today, Akzirve’s universal and innovative residential, office, and commercial units built for mid-price and premium segments bring new dynamism to Turkey. Akzirve strives to lead, inspire and leave its real estate industry with its innovative and distinctive projects. Aiming for a steady, assured and safe growth, Akzirve aspires to create unique projects of the finest quality while increasing its daily capacity. All projects are developed on Company-owned land, enabling Akzirve to construct independently and giving the Company competitive advantageous competitors. Another quality that differentiates Akzirve from others is its strict adherence to principles that value human life and the environment. For example, rather than filling the defined project zone with concrete, Akzirve reserves spaces for large, green parks and social areas where residents can enjoy a healthy atmosphere.

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