Cer Loft New Stage Special Stocks
Cer Loft New Stage Special Stocks

You will tell the story of your precious life to every guest who comes to Cer Istanbul, which has been brought to life by bringing a glorious history back to the city and today! Cer Ateliers used for dismantling, repairing and assembling locomotives and wagons for over 100 years: Now it’s turning into lofts! In very few living spaces, you can exhibit your 6-meter canoe on the wall.

  • 1+1 Loft in Historical Lofts
  • List Price: $1,140,000
  • Cash Price: $970,000
  • Delivery in 18 Months
  • The best sea view

Cer Loft New Stage Special Stocks

Cer Loft New Stage Special Stocks; the campaigns are available for a limited time and in stock. The new generation lifestyle of those with refined pleasures. There are special jewels in this life that have remained dazzling for centuries… And there are precious watches bequeathed from generation to generation… The Cer Lofts have unique works of art, bearing the values of the past to the present… And priceless family heirlooms; carefully guarded for generations… Here is a project that you will keep for generations:

Cer Loft New Stage Special Stocks

Legal Notice

The developer can change the terms and conditions of the campaign without prior notice. Contact our consultants to receive up-to-date information regarding our campaigns and the special promotion for the apartments for sale in Istanbul.