Working With Right Agent

Working with the right agent can open doors and give you access to more deals than you thought were possible.

Since Istanbul is a characteristic city with unique features, it is crucial to deal with the right agent with the right qualifications. So what is the right agent, and what kind of qualifications should you check when working with an agent? 

The Turkish Government is certified for real estate consulting and advisory services. It’s called National Qualification – Qualification Identification. There are two levels of this specific qualification. The first one is Level 3 means that your agent is caple of working as a broker in a brokerage. The second one is  Level 5 means that your realtor is caple of working as a brokerage by himself/herself.

Government certification is just an essential qualification, but still, we see that many advisory firms in the market neglect it. Before dealing with a realtor, you should check their certification to ensure that you are dealing with a capable and responsible realtor. This certification will also clarify the identification and background of your agent.

How can you make sure if your agent is certificated or not?

  1. Ask your agent to provide certification ID No, Card, or the documentation itself.
  2. You can check the certification ID from the following links,
    2. OR via QR code in the certification card. 
  3. Step Next, make sure you talk with the exact individual with qualifications. As a common practice, agents provide their company certification; however, it is incorrect. This documentation proves that the company can do real estate business in Turkey. It doesn’t prove that your agent is certified or not. So make sure that the individual you are in contact with provides his personal certification that matches his identification.
  4. You can find certifications and id samples below. 
Working With Right Agent - ID Card
Working With Right Agent – ID Card
Working With Right Agent - ID Card
Working With Right Agent – ID Card
Working With Right Agent - Certificate
Working With Right Agent – Certificate

Ensuring that you are dealing with a certified advisor is the first step and fundamental to protect you from scams and problems that may occur in the future.

Besides basic qualifications, you should also expect other qualifications from your consultant. For example, an agent with the following capability will help you reach your investment goals in the future.  Working With Right Agent is key to reaching your investment goals in Istanbul.

1. Information and Guidance:

The real estate market changes fast; it is hard to keep up with individual investors. As a part of advisory services, we also train and teach people how to make the right decision. That is also why our motto is “ your guide through the property maze in Istanbul.”

2. Market Knowledge and Accurate Data:

Before making an investment decision, you should know the following details

    1. The exact location of the property
    2. Developer of your property
    3. The credibility of the developer
    4. Seller of the property ( Developer or Owner)

If your agent doesn’t provide you with the property’s exact location, the project developer’s name and background, this is a red flag. All properties in show exact location and developers for clear communication and transparency.

You can find a list of developers, projects and properties clearly and openly. 

3. Local Market Knowledge

Deal with local agents: It may not sound right at first sight; however, it will make sense; let me elaborate. First of all Turkish real estate market is dominated by locals. 95% of buyers are locals; there are 1 million houses needed in Istanbul every year. This local property demand is the key to understanding the trends and mentality of local buyers. Once you know the direction, it will help you learn the accurate market value of the properties. Because of this, we recommend you to work with a local agent who can provide you with a better consulting service in Istanbul. 

4. Procedure Knowledge:

A Local and international transaction differentiates dramatically in the real estate market.

Your agent’s expertise in global sales is crucial when you buy property abroad. Unlike Some rules and regulations must be followed during buying and selling. Therefore, we combine our local market knowledge with international sales experience to provide our investors with a smooth and hassle-free property buying experience. 

5. Good Communication: 

As real estate experts, our job is to advise you according to your investment criteria, plans, and purpose. It is part of our job to say “NO” and ruin some high positivism of the investors. It is always better to check facts instead of comments; we provide monthly real estate statistics from Turkstat every month. Check out monthly sales statistics.


6.Transparency & Integrity:

In the process of real estate purchase, you will be sharing various confidential information with your agent and your contact information. A real estate agent provides you with crucial project information and pricing. Your real estate agent shouldn’t be sharing contact information without your permission which is also obliged by law KVKK and GDPR. You can see our privacy policy and data handling process.  Where some agents will try to be more competitive by negotiating their commission, others might feel that their expertise is worth staying firm. As a company policy, we share our working method and commission with full transparency before any transaction starts. You can check out listing services and advisory services.

To sum up, an excellent real estate agent can open doors and give you access to campaigns’ hidden gems in the real estate market that you thought were impossible. However, you have to follow this guidance and avoid pitfalls to reach that point.

You should treat finding a good advisor like finding anyone else on your team. Your business will flourish once you find a real estate agent that works for you. 

Contact our local experts to receive the right advisory service that will help you find your way in the real estate maze in Istanbul.

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