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3S Topaz Topkapi project, you will challenge the ordinariness in the center of Istanbul.

The residences, offices and sustainable living spaces await you. A new mixed-use project is added to Istanbul housing projects. Kale Holding presents the holding, real estate, energy, and building themes under the roof of 3S. Kale Holding, with 68 years of sectoral experience,  invites investors to qualified living spaces with Topaz Topkapi.ce among Istanbul housing projects.

The project is developed in Topkapi where is one of the historical, social, and cultural life centers of Istanbul. 3S Topaz Topkapi provides elegant residences compatible with the beauty of the city. Offering large living spaces with functional designs, 3S Topaz Topkapi project also includes offices and commercial units. You will always gain with the project that will allow you to invest in the center of Istanbul.

Are You Ready to Rediscover Istanbul with 3S Topaz Topkapi?

3S Kale Holding has developed a new mixed-use housing project in Topkapi. Topkapi is one of the life centers of Istanbul’s historical texture is integrated with social, cultural, and commercial life. Kale Holding directs the housing sector by gathering advanced design and technology. Once again, Kale Holding develops the 3S Topaz Topkapi project that will make a tremendous impact.

In the Topaz Topkapi project, residences that reflect the principles of foresighted design and great skills of engineering are integrated with sustainability. In this way, 3S Kale Holding which enables investors to have higher living standards meticulously arranges every detail for the investors.

You will enjoy reaching every region of Istanbul in the fastest way possible owing to its privileged location and advantageous living and commercial areas among Istanbul housing projects. Traffic issues are eliminated with the project which is developed with the slogan of “When they ask where you live, just say everywhere in Istanbul”. 3S Topaz Topkapi provides the opportunity to arrive at the residences through the E-5 Highway. The project offers the most advantageous living spaces by providing transportation alternatives on the European Side of Istanbul.

Designed Without Compromising Comfort

3S Topaz Topkapi provides a high-return investment for its investors among Istanbul housing projects. The residences and offices for sale will meet the Topkapi’s need for residential and commercial units. 3S Holding which differentiates its designs by considering the wishes and needs of the investors offers sustainable living spaces with Topaz Topkapi.

The project which is developed on a very large area offers solid and safe living spaces. The investigation of ground conditions was carried out following the result of the land suitability. A building audit was also carried out in 3S Topaz residences in which seismic and insulation regulations are also followed.

There are offices and commercial units in the project which includes 228 residences. In the Topaz project, there are 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 types of housings. Your life will get easier with functional houses that are open to change and transformation in parallel with the needs over time.

3S Topaz Topkapı Adds Contemporary Interpretation to High Comfort

3S Topaz Topkapi project which will meet the investors in Topkapi will increase the living standards of the investors. Topkapi is one of the centers integrated with the historical texture of Istanbul. The smart home system, smart reservation system, concierge service, and large balconies offer the comfort of a detached house within the residences. Also, you will be able to easily meet your every need with the shopping street included in the project. You will have residences providing rational solutions in the project which includes country living areas from modern to maximalist.

In order to enjoy the panoramic view of Istanbul at any time, the project includes large balconies in 2 + 1 type residences. In the 3S Topaz Topkapi project which promises more than a residence, you will be able to use the residences as both a home and an office. Small rooms of the residences in the Topaz project have sliding wall systems. In this way, the project which offers larger living spaces with the addition of smaller rooms to the living rooms reveals the difference.


  • Property ID 6921
  • Price Price on call
  • Property Type
  • Property Status
  • Rooms 2
  • Bedrooms 2
  • Bathrooms 1
  • Size 86.42 m2

Floor Plans

2+1A - $478,500

  • Size: 86.42 sqm
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Price: $478,500

2+1A - $478,500

2+1B - $530,000

2+1C - $619,600


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