Nef Reserve Kandilli

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Sophisticated Luxury and Refined Elegance, Nef Reserve Kandilli

Nef presents a unique reinvention of a historic Istanbul neighborhood, with a new heart, a new life-beat and a bright new future. Endless horizons offer boundless inspiration, evoking majestic beauty and the power of heritage. The location of the development in the heart of Kandilli – provides the perfect setting for vibrant living, a delightful lifestyle, and a wonderfully dynamic and warm community – the perfect home. The development has a total of 29 buildings, providing the pinnacle of graceful and elegant urban living. The location comprises of stunning greenery and ejuvenating lush landscapes, along with romantic, inspiring views of the Bosphorus and its majestic villas and palaces.


Like the magnificent city of Istanbul, the Nef Reserve Kandilli combines the best of both worlds, paying homage to the centuries-long tradition of prosperous, dignified living in the area, while featuring all the modern exigencies of luxury, spectacular views of the Bosphorus and the restoring presence of green nature.


Renowned for designing structures that blend perfectly with the landscape, the architectural genius of Emre Arolat brings a new heartbeat to the lovely historic neighborhood of Kandilli. Famous for the ability to reconcile the identity and rootedness of the context in a place, with the demands of the contemporary world; Emre Arolat’s studio created two types of buildings for Nef Reserve Kandilli. The first draws from the traditional Kandilli architecture, is inspired by the stately Bosphorus mansions and their characteristic waterside formations. Layouts are grand, from 5+1 to 3+1  uplexes and penthouses, with sprawling terraces and balconies.

Combining Kandilli’s historical characteristics with modern architecture, the project reflects a version of traditional construction that is shaped by modern solutions and is executed to perfection. Including 407 units in total, Nef Reserve Kandilli has 155.257 m2 land area along with 39.000 m2 landscape area.

A pier on the beach, mansions on the streets, plane trees everywhere. And the palace which served emperors. This is Kandilli. One of the most unique districts in Istanbul.


Floor Plans

3+1 - $950,000

  • Size: 166 sqm
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Price: $950,000

3+1 - $950,000

4+1 - $1,250,000

5+1 - $2,000,000


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