Property Investment Guide Asia Side Istanbul

Property Investment Guide Asia Side Istanbul

Outlook Districts of Istanbul:

Istanbul is a highly diverse city with many investment alternatives. Even though it may look like it is not the large as the area, it spreads into two continents. Istanbul is also split into 39 districts which 25 of which are on the European side, 14 of which are on the Asia Side. Therefore, every neighborhood has a different characteristic.

Even in different districts, you can see huge differences since Istanbul is a heavily occupied city. In this article, we will present the main attributes as a complete Investment Guide Asia Side of Istanbul.

Besides touristic areas, we advise our investors to understand local buying trends and in-depth information regarding districts before making a buying decision.

Local investors heavily drive the Turkish real estate market, so it is crucial to understand local trends. Moreover, our mission as listing turkey is to turn your investment journey into a pleasant long-run journey.

As well known, Istanbul spreads into two Continents. Therefore, even though every district characteristic is different, it is possible to shortlist available perks of Istanbul Asia and Europe Side.


Why Asia Side of Istanbul


The economy of Istanbul Asia Side:

Foreign investors have neglected investment in the Asia Side of Istanbul for years. Because its main features always mentioned as peaceful environment, clean weather, peaceful living. Even though these are good Asia side, Istanbul is not less than European when compared to economy and business. However, recently developed business centers like Ataköy and international finance centers are attracting foreign investors worldwide. 

Mega Projects of Istanbul Asian Side:

The demand is also driven by mega-projects subsidized by the Turkish government, such as New Istanbul Finance Center and urban regeneration projects.


Quality of Living on the Asian Side: 

Istanbul’s Asian side offers its residence a less populated, easy-going lifestyle. Compared to the European Side of Istanbul, property prices are lower, rental returns and appreciation of the initial investment are much higher. Besides, construction quality and facilities in compounds are much higher when compared to the European Side of Istanbul. 

 Istanbul is a living city and changing every day, and it takes particular expertise to understand these trends and advise accordingly. As your trusted portfolio managers and advisors, we are your single point of contact for all your property portfolio needs. We can provide you access to best-in-class advice and our network of trusted partners. Our reputation depends on our partners’ quality. You can find our featured properties on the Asian Side of Istanbul as follows:

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