Ala Camlica

Ala Çamlıca project, built by Doğu Yapı, is being built on a 14,315 square meter plot. There are 89 flats in the project, which consists of 7 blocks. In Ala Çamlıca, 3+1 duplexes gross 149-209, net 109-142 square meters, 4+1s gross 197-236, net 135-159 square meters, 4+1 duplexes gross 292-325, net 187-197 square meters, 6+1 duplexes are 392 m2 gross and 246 m2 net. Get ready to experience the spirit of Çamlıca, which was a popular visiting point in the Ottoman period and the subject of literary works, poems and songs, from the past to the future. Get a sweat on the tennis court in one of Istanbul's most oxygen-producing districts, walk on the hiking trails against the magnificent view of Çamlıca, or jog in the historical Çamlıca groves. A total of 7 blocks and 89 very special apartments on a 14,315 m2 area are waiting for their new homeowners in ALA ÇAMLICA KONAKLARI.
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