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Ses Yapi has adopted the discipline of providing all necessary utilities and services to its customers from the establishment of its organizational chart in buildings and places until the commissioning of the project. As Ses Yapi, we carried out many projects with different functions on different scales at home and abroad by bringing the professional experiences of our staff having various knowledge and experiences in the field of architectural services, making the production more efficient.It always continues its research and development process to enhance a wide range of services from design to project designing, project management to construction, production to assembly, and implementation in architecture and interior design and strengthen its innovative and analytical approach.

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For Sale

Ses Orkide

Start From $255,000 / Cash
  • 2 Br
  • 1 Ba
  • 140 m2
For Sale

Ses Park

Start From $240,000 / Cash
  • 3 Br
  • 1 Ba
  • 121 m2