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Ozyazici Insaat shows utmost attention to sensitive subjects such as performing quality projects, being reliable and operating effectively, all of which are crucial in the construction industry. The quality policy essentials of the company are benefiting from the latest technologies, conforming to national and international standards, and cooperating with expert in the respective field.Aiming for perfectionism under all circumstances, Ozyazici Insaat promotes all of its employees, from the lowest level to the top management, as well as its business partners, to improve themselves continuously, honesty, productivity and adding value to the work performed.

Our Listing

For Sale

Neva Vita

Start From $1,795,000 / 50%DP - 12Months
  • 6 Br
  • 2 Ba
  • 605 m2
For Sale

Toskana Vadisi

Start From $1,314,000 / 50%DP - 6Motnhs
  • 4 Br
  • 2 Ba
  • 417 m2