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Bay Insaat which has a history of half a century in construction projects, under the leadership of Nesim Özmandiracı with more than 60 years of trade experience. The company was registered as a corporate brand in 1997 by Şafak Levi, Taner Tombuloğlu, Erol Özmandiracı and Elazar Yakar.Bay Insaat offers life projects, designed by the best architects of the world and Turkey, to its customers using equity capital, in compliance with zoning regulations, with its legal infrastructure completed and licensed. All projects  to date have been delivered to their customers at the scheduled time and with their settlement’s permission taken. Among these projects, there are prestigious buildings such as Beyza Mensions Tarabya, Bay Istinye Mansions, Hilpark Istinye and Hilpark Suites Istinye. These structures are some of of the most concrete examples of the “luxury and design”, the concept offered by Bay Insaat. The latest project is 42 Maslak, the most innovative manifestation of this philosophy. 42 Maslak, where every detail is meticulously planned, is a living space centered on arts and inspirational life style.

Quality, accurate profile, proper management

Bay Insaat is an architect of trust and respect. The company with the motto “quality, accurate profile, accurate location and proper management” has been offering its customers seamless living concepts for 50 years.  42 Maslak, the first concept project in Istanbul with the concept of “art in construction”. Bay Insaat continues to support creative sectors by bringing together art and social responsibility.Bay company has identified the philosophy of construction as “the architect of trust, quality, and respect”. Strong ties with stakeholders and customers are the result of this approach. Bay Construction fulfills its responsibility to nature and art. Since its inception, it has supported different social projects.As a result of the reforestation works carried out through TEMA Foundation, Bay Insaat has planted 8,900 saplings in Tekirdag province and 22,800 saplings in Beydağ, Izmir.. Bay Insaat has contributed to the reforestation of a total of 228,960 spm since its inception and continues to support reforestation efforts for a green Turkey.

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